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Chelyabinsk, Truda st., 153
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About "Malachite", Chelyabinsk


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Our history

Malachite welcomed its first guests in 1979.

In 2008 a great reconstruction began. With new halls appearing in 2010 a well-known hotel got a new status – Congress hotel "Malachite".

2012 is a new milestone in the history of the hotel: "Izumrudniy" hall is open, with the capacity to host up to 1000 guests. This is the first multifunctional place, able to hold events of all types. A sauna, a night club and restaurants are open.

Our first guests were Alla Pugacheva, Larisa Guzeyeva, Olga Romanova.


Congress hotel "Malachite" is located in the centre of the city. Within walking distance of hotel you can find Chelyabinsk sights, government buildings, exhibition and amusement centres, shopping malls. No other hotel of the city can compete "Malachite"on location.

In the neighbourhood:
The Revolution Square,
The Regional Government,
Kirovka, or Chelyabinsk Arbat,
The Chelyabinsk Local History Museum,
Opera House named after M. Glinka,
Concert Hall named after S. Prokofyev,
Chamber Theatre,
Aloe Pole Park,
Alexander Nevskiy Church,
Sport Centre "Yunost",
The Miass river embankment, one of the most popular walking areas in the city
Shopping and entertainment centre "Cuba",
Chelyabinsk North bus station.

How to get

From the Chelyabinsk railway station: to the bus stop "Sport Centre Yunost":
minibus routes 19, 56, 69,95, 96, 82; bus 18; aeroexpress bus

from the Chelyabinsk railway station to the bus stop "Opera House":
tram routes 3, 5, 16; minibus routes 25, 90, 318

from the bus station (Blyukhera St., 45) to the bus stop "Sport Centre Yunost":
minibus routes 1, 17, 40, 48, 51, 53, 53а, 55, 68, 74, 97, 103; trolleybus routes 12, 23

from the bus station (Blyukhera St., 45) to the bus stop "Opera House":
minibus routes 38, 46

from the bus station (Blyukhera St., 45) to the bus stop "Hotel Malachite":
tram routes 6, 17, 20

from the airport:
minibus route 82

Aeroexpress bus:
Departure time from the bus station "Yunost":
03.45, 06.50, 10.20, 15.15, 16.35, 21.25
Departure time from the airport:
05.40, 08.20, 13.50, 16.42, 20.20, 22.40
Travel time – 1 hour



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* при наличии свободных номеров

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