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Night club "ELSE"

«ELSE» night club is the hot spot of the region. This is the place where contemporary club trends are incarnated to fit every premium guest's taste. Located in the Congress-hotel «Malachite» with a combination of evident values, «Mirage» is a standard for a demanding person spending his night life.

Art deco design makes even the most sophisticated guests feel emotionally in line with the club atmosphere. Large parking area, hotel and spa-centre, VIP-entrance, fusion cuisine are exceptional values of «ELSE» — the place where you feel comfortable.

«ELSE» is the only club where truly legendary singers give their concerts and live projects. Also, it is the only venue that has its own electronic band «Origami beats» that both remakes famous songs of old times and creates their own works.

«ELSE» promoters and DJs popularize wild music mix of old school of 2000s, modern synth-pop, nu disko, trend house and deep music. «ELSE» promoters promise to renew this remarkable club atmosphere of the beginning of the millennium, absolutely left behind during last years. On the whole, «Mirage» is going to be a dancing Mecca for meticulous people knowing the worth of comfort.

To book  a table:+7-951-44-44-676 
Events: +7 (351) 246-08-08  

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  • Бесплатный Wi-Fi (до 150 Мбит/сек)
  • Проживание 24 часа без доплаты*
  • Услуги бизнес-центра круглосуточно
* при наличии свободных номеров

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